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Tara Gilmore has a comprehensive history in fine arts. Tara studied at the Finishing School in Floral Park, NY and at the location in Mechanicsburg, PA, where she encompassed the art of decorative painting and found her niche in the world of design. After completing many courses at the finishing school Tara decided to build her company, Of The Essence Designs in 1999.  Tara’s diverse life experiences and years of working with a wide variety of artistic mediums have left her with a lust for creating exquisite and stimulating environments. Her love for artistic surroundings and her desire to keep abreast of this ever changing industry, make Of The Essence Designs a leader in the trade of painting and decorative painting.



Shannon Gilmore has been working in the building industry for over 20 years and has a passion for remodeling interior spaces. He has worked in every aspect of the building industry and has a comprehensive knowledge of building and design concept.  Shannon is a Master Carpenter. He specializes in laying all types of wood flooring,tile, LVT,  installing all types of trim and crown molding, cabinet installations, countertop installations, and more. Shannon is a visionary and has the ability to work with a client to make their renovation dreams a reality.

Cleaning Division Manager/Business Coordinator

Jessie has over 24 years experience of building, organizing, and leading teams in fast paced environments. After discovering she has a head for business, a knack for cleaning, and heart for construction, she joined Of the Essence Designs team to manage the Cleaning Division and the daily affairs in the office. Jessie enjoys watching the projects as they unfold, then sending the Cleaning team in to put the final shine on them!


Project Manager/Foreman

    Foreman Cassandra Harris has been painting for over 20 years. She has been employed by Of The Essence Designs for over 7 years. During this time Cassandra has managed a team of employees to ensure prompt, organized, and well executed projects. Her ability to lead a team to excellence is second to none. She has a diverse background in all types of painting including Faux Finishing. As the foreman for Of The Essence Designs we rely on her eye for detail and customer satisfaction.